New Year’s

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2015 is early over! It goes so fast! I’m so excited to be starting 2016, a new capter of my life. Every year I sit down and I write down on a special notebook my New Year Resolutions. So I decided to share with you my goals for 2016 […]

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Poem of the day

Today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorites poem:  Les enfants qui s’aiment by Jacques Prévert   Les enfants qui s’aiment s’embrassent debout Contre les portes de la nuit Et les passants qui passent les désignent du doigt Mais les enfants qui s’aiment Ne sont là pour personne Et c’est seulement leur […]

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Time Goes Fast

Is life really short? And if I said you time isn’t going fast?  If simply we don’t go fast with it ? I’ve chatted with my mum recently and during the conversation I found out that my little niece is already 5 mounths. I remember when she hasn’t bornt yet. With this I only want […]

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Little Things

Little things make us happy In despite of my young age, I’ve learnt how important it is to be an optimistic person. I’m sure there are always something good, also in orrible events. It’s important to know how to recognise positive things  and to focus on them. For being happy it’s not necessary to live […]

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Change Your Life

Be 16 such as to be 100. I’m in the prime of my youth, but I already feel old. My life is too boring and I feel like I’m wasting my life. I need of inspiration, willpower and determination to change my life radically and leave this fucking situation! So, if you feel in this way too , […]

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Fall Essentials

I’m so excited to write this new article. I was looking forward to write this piece, my first Fall Essential! Today I’m gonna to show you my essentials and little traditions linked to this season! After a long week of hard working, I sat down and write down this article. I don’t know what’s the […]

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