Back To School Supplies Haul

Hi to everyone! Time is skimming through! June and July have just finished! School is coming to close, so why don’t  show you guys what I’ve bought recently to began a new academic year? I think that having all materials we need is very important to study efficiently! Despite going to school doesn’t excite me, […]

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HAUL: Shopping Online #1

Hi to everyone! I bought 3 things on eBay about a week ago. How I promise in this article today I show what I’ve received. I bought these things from 3 different sellers. Two of theme sell phone gadgets while the other one sell second hand books in italian language.   The first thing I receive was […]

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HAUL: OVS & Cache Cache

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.   In the recent days I had some personal problems that damaged my mood. It’s fascinating to see how a peaceful life can crumbles in a second. And a wonderful thing is that the life would be boring if it was without the balanced alternance of […]

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HAUL: Ikea

School  has finished for many students and holidays are here! Last weekend, I went to Ikea with my parents. We have bought many things for our house, for example glasses, carpets, jars and other ordinary things that everyone owns! Today I show you some things I bought that I’m so glad to share with you. […]

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