Poem of the day

Today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorites poem:  Les enfants qui s’aiment by Jacques Prévert   Les enfants qui s’aiment s’embrassent debout Contre les portes de la nuit Et les passants qui passent les désignent du doigt Mais les enfants qui s’aiment Ne sont là pour personne Et c’est seulement leur […]

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Fall Essentials

I’m so excited to write this new article. I was looking forward to write this piece, my first Fall Essential! Today I’m gonna to show you my essentials and little traditions linked to this season! After a long week of hard working, I sat down and write down this article. I don’t know what’s the […]

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HAUL: Shopping Online #1

Hi to everyone! I bought 3 things on eBay about a week ago. How I promise in this article today I show what I’ve received. I bought these things from 3 different sellers. Two of theme sell phone gadgets while the other one sell second hand books in italian language.   The first thing I receive was […]

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Hi there! personally I’ve never done a tag before. So today I’ve decided to do a very funny and interesting one: the HARRY POTTER Tag that consists of 30 questions about my favorite book serie ever. 1) Favourite book? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for sure. 2) […]

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