Study Tips

After Christmas holidays It’s time to go back to school. Finally! I’m not happy to go back to school.. but, I think that the beginning of a new year it’s a good period to find inspiration and motivation to reach our goals!

Today I want to share with you some tips to begin a new successful school year!


Understand that studying is not the same  as doing homework


How to study effecttively:

Quite place to, that is not distracting you

A specific time to study (days/hours) that work best for you

Make sure you have all study materials. No cell phone. Use a computer without check out social and games.

Keep a positive outlook. Take all you need, staying positive to study less.

Don’t procrastinate


A study plan (a study plan is an organized schedule with study time and learning goals)

Create a time chart of you activities to see how you spend your time. ( Even not when you eat and sleep)

Develope a schedule

Block out times on your planner and write down which subjects you plan to study

Determinate your study goals. When you don’t have a test, use your time to read ahead.

(To ensure your plan, it’s recommend to schedule also non academic  activities)


Manage your time

Make a detailed study schedule : determing times to study

Prioritize your assignment. Devote more time to subjects that are new to you or they need improvement. Organize your studies with tests and review each day.

Prepare for temptation. To overcome temptations you have to anticipate them. Learn from your mistakes, from your weakness.

Stay organized ( to avoid wasting time)


Take effective notes (Taking notes is a way to remember concept, it also  forces you to listen more. Often what your professors say is what they will ask you.)

Be prepared. Have a notebook dedicated to take notes, and highline important concept.

Be a good listener.  Don’t be distracted, take attention on what  your professors write on  the balckboard.

Learn how to take notes. Using a notebook, flash cards, colored pens, abbreviations and symbols.

Compare your notes, to see what others found salient.

Review, edit and organized your notes. Notes can be messy, so rewrite them researching what didn’t understand.


Read text before and after class.


Study smarter (using the best study method for you)







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