What change in my everyday routine during 2015?

Happy New Year! During one’s own life, every year is characterize by preferences, new habits and discoveries, because people are in an ever changing, specially during teenhood.  Thinking back to 2015 I’ve noticed that news enter in my life.

Did you notice them in your own life?

So, I’ve decided to share some of them with you!

I went to Ikea some months ago, where I bought a provitions of candles and lanterns. Then I’m fall in love with them. I like lighting up my bedroom where I spend most of my time. Candles let to creating a comfortable and romantic mood. Perfect to use during every period of the year.

I’ve always hated coffee since I was a little girl, it is too bitter especially for the context given. Last year I found a compromise for my  taste: cappuccino. Tasty, creamy and perfect for a good breakfast. When I’m able to carve out time I go out with my friends and we have cappuccino and croissant together. I’m very lucky to live in Italy; no offense but I’ve never had a very good cappuccino in an other country.

After many years I’ve decided to follow tv series. I’ve started to watch some of them and  then I’ve interrupted most of them because I hadn’t enought free time to follow many tv series. So I’ve decided to focus on fewer series. I’ve just finished to watch Game of Thrones. It was amazing, I’m looking forward to watch the 6° season right now! In the meanwhile I’m watching the 5° season of Grey’s Anatomy.

 2015 was the year of lists . I’ve tried to be an organised person, so I decided to begin to write down To-Do List, where I write all activities I have to do that day or the day after. I also make lists  of films and books that I’d like watching/reading or these that I’ve already seen/read.

There are also many other little things to tell you, but think that it is enought.

I wish you a very good new year! See you soon with a new article!



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