HAUL: Shopping Online #1

Hi to everyone!

I bought 3 things on eBay about a week ago. How I promise in this article today I show what I’ve received.

I bought these things from 3 different sellers. Two of theme sell phone gadgets while the other one sell second hand books in italian language.


The first thing I receive was a white battery phone case for my old iPhone 4S. I think it is a very useful gadget to be able to charge my iPhone whene I’m not at home or near an electric socket.

The Seller from I which I bought it is risparmiopertutti .


(Sorry but i covered personal information about me with some paper in some pictures)













The second thing I received was a new casefor my cell phone. This phon case is from Victoria’s Secret, one of my favourite brands. The particularity of this phone case is that it is in silicone and squat to protect my phone from falls. In fact edge of the phone case is high a few mm to avoid the impact between the screen and the ground.

It is from techstore_italia












In the end last thing I received was an interesting book from this seller: urfin56 

The book is “Il mondo di Sofia –  Romanzo sulla storia della filosofia” (English Title: Sophie’s World) by Jostein Gaarder.

This book can be considered as a mix between fictions and a philosophical treatise for the first approach to this beautiful discipline.











All of this sellers are very reliable. Services are fast and effecient. I reccomend them to you but I want to highlight that i DON’T sponsor them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece.

What’s your favourite purchase? What do you think about eBay? Leave below your answer.

See you with a new piece 😉




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